Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Julep Maven polishes for January

I'm a member of a fun nail lacquer program called Julep Maven.  Julep is a nail polish maker and it offers a program where you pay $20 a month and they send you curated polishes from their collections. 


- Julep's polishes are $14 a pop, so if you get two or three polishes (typical) you're saving a good chunk of change. 

- Each month, Julep emails me a preview of what polishes and/or hand treatments/fun stuff they'll be sending me.  If I don't like what I see, I can ask for a new "shelf pull," and they'll send me something different.


- The Julep Maven program is marketed as an insiders club, where the polishes you'll be receiving are what it's sending to fashion magazine editors.  Meaning, these are the best new polishes for the current season or next.  I don't think that's a true statement, as they've tried to send me the same product twice in a row.

Anyway, January's Mavens box arrived last week and I tried all of the polishes it came with today.  

Each manicure has a base coat of Julep - Nail Therapy and a top coat of Julep - Fast Dry Topcoat.

Julep - Megan

Julep - Hayden

 Julep - Leah


What do you think of these colors?  I'm not really feeling any of them, as I don't think they work with my skin tone and the colors aren't my style (I thought differently before I tried them on my own nails!).  Also, Hayden was a little too thick during application.

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