Monday, December 19, 2011

My kind of holiday manicure

Come Christmas, I'm not one to paint snowmen and Christmas trees onto my nails.  I'd rather just embrace the holiday color palette and try different manicures with red, white and green (and gold! you can never have too much gold!).

Simple red manicure with a gold glitter gradient

I have about a billion red nail polishes, but right now I'm really feeling Sinful Colors - Gogo Girls. It's the red on my nails now. I used China Glaze - Cleopatra for the glitter gradient because the glitter is small and subtle. It's easier to achieve a gradient with it.

Originally I was going to use Sephora by OPI - Only Gold For Me. After one try on my thumb it turned out that it's just too chunky a glitter for the effect I was going for. Hope everyone's having a smooth week!

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